Sneak Peek Into The Prominence Of Face Mask Before Hiring London Chauffeur Service

In times of COVID-19 outbreak, various guidelines are coming from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding preventive measures that are required to be taken before stepping out of the home. With so many fatalities across the globe all because of the deadly Coronavirus, which is taking a toll on people’s lives; the government has come with guidelines on the use of covering the face.

  1. According to the Government guidelines, it is prominent that chauffeurs, transport drivers, and passengers must cover their face for full-time throughout the journey on the transport network.
  2. The face of the London chauffeur should be covered completely, covering both mouth and nose.
  3. Even the passengers using chauffeuring service sternly adhere to this rule of wearing an N-95 face mask for the entire duration of all journeys.
  4. If you are not able to manage wearing an N-95 mask then you can either use a surgical mask or simply use a good fabric cloth that can block the transmission of the virus from one host to another.

Find Out How To Make A Face Covering More Effective For Both – London Chauffeurs And Passengers

Government of London distributing free face coverings  

Government is distributing laboratory tested free face-covering masks so that London nationals can travel across the city with this life’s new adjustment. The distribution of face masks at bus stations, airports, and the targeted tube is helping people to travel safely in London, even during these doomed days. The mask life-expectancy is temporary and it is needed to be changed after being used once over a single journey.

Who are exempted to wear a face mask?

As you know London Government rules are very strict regarding COVID-19 travel guidelines. The people who are not wearing the face mask are not allowed to board any transport service be it your public or London chauffeur ground transport service.

The people with severe breathing problems like Asthma and bronchitis do not need to wear the face-covering mask. The folks belonging to such categories are given a special exemption card that allows them to use both public and private transport services in London. If you are exempted from covering your face then you need to carry the exemption card issued by the transport operators or you may display the picture of it on your phone so that nothing can stop you from availing safe public transport service or private chauffeured-driven ride.

Here Is The List Of People Who Are exempted From Wearing The Face Covering Mask On platforms, public transports, and private transports 

  1. The infants and small children under the age of 11
  2. Cops that includes constables, British transport police, and on-duty officers
  3. Member of emergency services who respond to an emergency

An individual with a justifiable excuse is also exempted from covering their face under the following possibilities – here is the quick rundown of the situations

  1. The patient with physical health disorder or mental illness or disabilities or with impairment is not forced to cover the face under section 6 – Equality Act, 2010.
  2. When the person is traveling with a physically challenged individual and the former is there to provide latter the lip reading service then the former individual is exempted from wearing a face mask.
  3. When the individual is averting the usage of face mask to avoid further exacerbation of the face injury.
  4. When the individual has the urge to travel as he or she wants to escape from the risk of harm or avert injury, and the person does not have the face mask with him/her.
  5. If a person has to take medicine while traveling then that individual can remove the face mask for a while.
  6. While traveling if you are investigated by the cops then you can remove the face mask to give a meaningful explanation

AChauffeurs White Gloves Service 

Our staff is highly equipped and sternly adheres to all the travel guidelines provided by the London Government. Our white gloves best London chauffeur service ensures you door-to-door and timely travel. Our chauffeurs donning a dapper outfit and wearing a face-covering mask ensure you a safe ride. Remain rest assured, our chauffeurs will wear mask full time unless they are exempted because of the medical reasons. Book your ride today as we strictly follow health and travel guidelines to combat COVID-19 in London.

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