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General Information

AChauffeurs Ltd s London-based company, which provides high quality limousine class chauffeuring services around the UK and overseas both to private and corporate customers.
AChauffeurs services are available both around the UK and overseas.
Yes. Please contact us if you have children travelling with you.
Yes. In case of a need for a child seat or seats, please, contact us. We will need detailed information about your children in order to select the best option.
No. We don't allowed pets.
Yes. See our Useful Info pages for more information.
No. The UK law states that you cannot smoke in a public vehicle, and as all our vehicles are licensed, the law applies.
If you want to get in touch with us or have any questions about our services and terms, please visit our Contact Us page.
You are more than welcome to send a voucher to your family and friends for their first booking with us. You can do this by visiting our Gift Vouchers page, where you will find detailed instructions how to do it.

Booking Management

If the address you are looking for is not in our system, please select the address nearby and contact us for specification for your location.
You can book our vehicle by simply filling out the booking form at our site. You can do it by opening an account and then booking your ride! You will be guided at every step!
You may choose from VIP Class (Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Mulsanne, Mercedes Benz GL, Range Rover Vogue), First Class (Mercedes Benz S, BMW 7 Series), Business Class (Mercedes Benz E) and Economy (Mercedes Benz Viano) vehicles.
Of course! You will have to simply indicate the preferable model in the booking form. However, we do not guarantee that the particular model will be available for your ride due to the possibility of other reservations.
The capacity of our vehicles is as follows: Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Mulsanne, Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes Benz S, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz E can carry 3 passengers, Mercedes Benz GL can carry 4 passengers, Mercedes Benz Viano can carry 7 passengers.

My Account Management

All you have to do is go to Open an Account and fill out the registration form!
Your personal details will be used only for booking and billing purposes. Your contact details will be needed for informing you about your reservations and sending you your invoices.
Your phone umber will be needed for contacting you in case of any changes of your ride.
Yes. You may register several credit cards to your account. Please, keep in mind that you have to register a new card before making a new booking.
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